Best Questions


Just because.
Ask them, answer them, share them. If you have a favorite, tweet it along with the hashtag #bestquestions. If you have one that isn’t here, add it. And if you want to see what happened when a whole community asked these questions of themselves and each other — and then co-created a public portrait series, check out Who Am I in This Picture?
What does the term “learning” mean to you? How has your life journey helped you to determine what learning means?
Who/what has been your most influential teacher?
There are many different ways by which people acquire knowledge. Under what conditions do you feel you learn best?
Is it possible to learn everything about yourself?
How has learning helped you to have better personal relationships in your family, school and community?
When does your community feel loneliest to you? When is it a good place to be alone?
Where, when, and with whom do you feel invisible in your community? When do you feel that other people feel invisible?
Which is the better course, the one that challenges you to learn new things or the one that challenges you to reexamine what you have already learned?
Does being educated make you happier?
How should a teacher define success? What do you see as the primary role of the teacher, and whose responsibility is it if students are not learning the material that is being taught?
How does the lack of education of others affect us? What stakes do we have in the empowerment of others?
What is our responsibility to each other, and where and how do we draw the line between our personal, professional, and school lives?