Best Game Ever


That night was magical; I never thought I would score so many points in a short period of time. I got that many points and I wasn’t even being a ball hog. The saying is “play great d and the offense will come”; I’m guessing my defense was great. When I got those 41 pts, they labeled me as a standout scorer, which I disagreed on, because there’s no way I could have scored that many points without the help of my team. Most of the points came from layups and free throws. One thing about me is I don’t like being compared to anybody for some reason it just makes me mad, that’s why I tell people don’t compare me to nobody. The best thing about that game is winning and the love I got from my teammates on the way back home. The game was against Oconee County, after that game I was player of the week and I was so excited until I read the article in the papers.
I learned to play basketball when I was a kid. I actually learned from my mama. We had a basketball goal set up beside my house and my mom would play against me when I was about 5 or 6 years old. I’ve found that I learn best by actually doing the activity, instead of someone telling me how to do it. Like playing basketball with my mom. I learned from her showing me and letting me practice on doing it. I like the way she taught, she really made it easy for me, but I am thinking she taught me a little more than my others brothers or maybe I just got better on my own.