Anna Hastings' Learning Story


Real learning isn’t learning unless action takes place. What use is knowledge without wisdom? What use is wisdom if it doesn’t affect the way you live? Learning is more than just facts or theories. Learning is the inspiration to be all that you can be. Learning opens up opportunities to imagine, dream, create, and live. Learning is a way of life. Jesus is a way of life. Jesus IS life.Not merely learning about Jesus, but KNOWING Jesus, has changed my life in ways that nothing else I could possibly learn would. He has opened up my eyes to see people for who they really are – to see myself for who I really am: a lost sinner in need of a Savior. He has given me the grace to see Him for who He really is: the Son of God – my Savior. I now press on each and every moment of every day to live for Him and allow the things He teaches me through the Holy Spirit to change the way I think and live so that I can become all God has created me for. Life on this earth is short, and I am using every second as efficiently as I can to make a difference in this lost and crooked world to inspire people to see, repent, turn to, and glorify the LORD, MOST HIGH. May blessing and honor and glory and power be unto GOD forever and ever. Amen.