ALexia Rama's Learning Story


Our education class has taught us that there are different ways of teaching besides traditional teaching (lecture, out of the book). It’s obvious that the education system in place now isn’t effective. A more useful and effective form of teaching is hands on, project based learning. The education system that is in place now doesn’t motivate children to take an interest in learning. Standardized tests aren’t effective because they don’t show a childs’ full potential. Children don’t really take in the information being taught to them. They just memorize it long enough to take the test and forget everything they’ve learned. Children take more of an interest in learning when they’re more involved. Project learning helps children to develop self-reliance skills. Teachers need to incorporate more projects in place of tests. There’s too much reliance on test grades. Just because a child doesn’t do well on a test, doesn’t mean they don’t understand the concept being taught.