A Lie Worth Learning


Learning to me is very important. I have learned a lot of things in my life, but I have learned a very important thing over all. A few months ago, one of my friends was lying about almost everything that came out of her mouth. It made me sad that she chose to lie, and I hoped that she would stop lying. I taught myself to trust people. You need to trust people in our society because you never know when a person might stab you in the back. If you go on a rollercoaster, you have to trust the people running it and assume it is safe. Or when you’re in an airplane and you start to take off, you have to trust the pilot to make sure you get on the ground safely.
People trust each other to an extent. Everyone has different learning environments also. People learn by listening to others and interacting with them. I personally learn visually and I have to listen to focus on my homework assignments in school. My learning environment is that I have to be listening to something or sometimes my house has to be dead quiet in order for me to concentrate. I believe that we all create an ideal environment. My friends and family have taught me to learn this lesson. Listening to them has made me a better person in my life. We listen to others and learn from their mistakes so that we don’t mess up in the future. Just like learning, trust is just as important. Once you lose your trust in someone, you might never get it back.