A lesson learned


My best friend is Katie; we do everything together. We have been friends since we were little. We’ve only gotten into one argument. Katie had told me that she was going to the lake with her family for a week one summer. She had asked me to go with her around February. I was very excited! The trip was all we talked about for two months. Katie soon got a boyfriend. I thought he was an alright person, but Katie fell in love. She spent a lot of her time with him, and our relationship began to fade quickly. I thought I was going to lose her. She eventually called me to say that the lake trip had been canceled. I was extremely disappointed; I had been so excited. We hung out a few times prior to when our trip had been planned, but then I didn’t see her for awhile. She eventually called me and was upset. She told me that she and her boyfriend had broken up. Katie drove to my house so we could talk about it. While she was there, she slipped up and told me that the lake trip had never been canceled; she just took her boyfriend instead. I was shocked. I couldn’t believe Katie would choose a boy over me; we argued for days. I talked to my mom about it eventually. She explained to me that Katie thought she was in love. She told me to look at it from Katie’s point of view. I then began to realize that she didn’t mean anything by it. My mother taught me to be open minded. As I looked at things from a different point of view, I realized I will probably make the same mistakes one day, too. My mother taught me through examples. She made random scenarios. It was a lot easier to understand when my mom explained it using other situations. We sat outside on the porch. It was a very peaceful setting. In this peaceful and reflective place, my mother taught me to understand why Katie did that and what she must have been feeling at the time.