I spent half of my childhood in a big city full of life and busy people. My family was very practical about matters and rarely let emotions intervene with problems in our everyday life. When my grandfather passed away, it was considered to be a very casual event. At a younger age, I often misunderstood things and understood what wasn’t actually important. I had figured that if my grandfather ceased to exist, it was not important or necessary to think about. This is what my family had shown me this. I then associated existence or life with doing something important and special. I was young and so that lesson stayed with me undoubtedly, but as I grew and continued to live life and appreciate it, the lesson was carefully added to and became much more understandable and had more meaning to it.
The lesson I learned as a child had grown considerably over the many years of change and eventful life changing moments into what the lesson means to me now. That to live is phenomenal, wild, unexplainable, and unpredictable. It will continue to grow in importance, understanding, and meaning as well; this I am sure of.