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How Do People Learn?

Everyone has a learning story. What was your most powerful personal experience in a learning community – regardless of whether that experience took place inside or outside of school?

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How Do I Learn?

Have you ever wondered why you learn some things easily while other things seem harder? And have you noticed that the things you find easy may be hard for other people, while they breeze through learning tasks that take you forever?

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What Does An Ideal Learning Environment Look Like?

If we know what we need in order to learn how to use our minds well, why don’t we act more proactively to create those sorts of places for adults and children?

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Who We Are


Q.E.D. Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization providing training, coaching, strategic consulting, and tools and resources in support of competency-based learning systems and practices, knowledge of learners and learning, student agency and equity, community collaboration, and democratic practices in education.

Our vision is of communities where each individual is empowered to use his or her unique voice effectively and with integrity in co-creating our public world.

Our mission is to create, inspire, cultivate, and sustain cultures of transformational learning where we are all learners, learning changes lives, learning needs to happen in different ways, and learning empowers us.

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Learner Centered Resources

QED creates and disseminates our student-centered knowledge-base, strategies, tools, and practices.

QED Tools for Personalization

We build capacity through our many learner-centered assets including tools such as the Transformational Change Model, Learner Sketch Tool (LST), and MC2 Habits.

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